Launch of Forensic Interview Trace

The Forensic Interview Trace (FIT™) is a secure, cloud-based application designed to record the structure, content and characteristics of forensic interviews involving victims, witnesses and suspects of crime. FIT™ will assist users, internationally, in the assessment of the efficacy and quality of interviews which may be useful for the criminal justice process, law enforcement agencies, Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), and the private sector. A short FIT Demo video is available which highlights the usability and advantages of using FIT™.

FIT™ was launched at the iIIRG conference 2016 in London and many delegates expressed a keen interest in testing/piloting the initial version of FIT™ within their organisations. If you or your organisation would like to test/pilot FIT™, please contact: or

Expressions of interest must be received no later than the 12th August 2016.

Member Update 1/2015

This first member update of 2015 contains important information about the Conference and Masterclass 2015, together with details of current vacancies on the iIIRG Executive Committee, and a new research funding initiative.

Special Issue of Investigative Interviewing: Research and Practice

Call for Papers

Special Issue of Investigative Interviewing: Research and Practice

“The Science and Practice of Intelligence Interviewing”

Guest Editors:

Steven Kleinman (Operational Sciences International)

Michael J. Williams (University of Nevada, Reno)

Many great strides in research related to investigative interviewing have focused on addressing two critical issues: 1) shortfalls in investigative interviewing methodologies (e.g., false confession research), or 2) principles and strategies to assess sources’ credibility (e.g., deception detection). 

While the aforementioned research areas have been invaluable in answering key questions that shape practices of intelligence interviewing, this special issue will focus on research and evidence-based practices that relate directly to fundamental questions of how to expand and enhance the flow of accurate, timely, and comprehensive information from human sources.

This special issue welcomes:

  •       Empirical research articles
  •       Theoretical articles
  •       Position papers
  •       Exploratory research
  •       Discussion papers

Investigative Interviewing: Research and Practice is indexed by EBSCOhost™ databases; so, all pieces published in this issue will be properly indexed, affording thorough exposure of those works through this search engine.

Submission deadline

Proposals are sought until April 14th, 2014.  Pieces appropriate to the scope of this issue will receive full consideration and double-blind peer-reviews.  Accepted manuscripts will appear in this special issue, published later this year.

How to Submit

Submission instructions, and a free preview copy of the journal, are available here

FIS Ltd Sponsors iIIRG

ImageThe International Investigative Interviewing Research Group (iIIRG) and Forensic Interview Solutions (FIS) Ltd share a positive vision of the future of ethical investigative interviewing worldwide and we are delighted to announce that FIS Ltd. are now co-sponsors of the iIIRG and our 6th Annual Conference being held at Maastricht University, The Netherlands, between the 3rd and 5th of July 2013.  We really look forward to future collaboration.

II-RP Journal New Issue

We are very pleased to announce that the next issue of the iIIRG’s journal Investigative Interviewing: Research and Practice (Vol 5, Issue 1) is now available via the iIIRG website.  As always, the issue is free to all members, you just need to log-in to access and download each article.  We have also introduced a new feature that allows non-members to purchase a single article for a very competitive price compared to other journals.

We sincerely hope you like the new format, but it is new and whilst we have spent many days with the web designers ensuring everything runs smoothly, as always with new formats, there may well be some technical issues.  If you have any difficulty whatsoever, please do let us know at

II-RP now included in EBSCOhost™ databases.

Given the overwhelming success of the iIIRG’s official journal Investigative Interviewing: Research and Practice (II-RP), we have been working hard to get our published articles to as wide a population as possible – this is good for the article authors, the iIIRG and the readers of the articles.  Very recently, we were notified that, having reviewed the journal and its content, EBSCO Publishers identified II-RP as being a ‘great fit’ for inclusion in EBSCOhost™ databases.  As such, with effect from March 2013, II-RP will be included in their worldwide databases.  You can find out more about EBSCO publishing here: natural-partner-flyer.

In terms of the iIIRG membership and access to the journal, nothing will change, you will still have access to all the current and previous articles.  However, we are now in the process of changing the layout and user interface of the iIIRG journal area on the website.  We would like to thank you for your co-operation and patience during this exciting transition.