Presentation Recording Preferences

In these uncertain times, we are aware that not all individuals who would like to attend the iIIRG conference will be able to travel to do so. Therefore, we are looking into our options for providing some live online content. At the moment, this is likely to involve live-streaming one of the three rooms in which presentations will take place. Delegates joining from home will be able to view the presentations in this room 'live' and ask questions (in writing) during the Q&A.

We intend this only to be offered for one of the rooms. However, we would like to record the other two rooms' presentations for our members to access after the event. Previously, members have had access to presentation slides, but we would like to record the presentations so they are able to grasp the content fully. We expect the combination of recording and live streaming to greatly improve the impact and reach of the research and presentations at the conference.

We understand that some of the content presented at the iIIRG conference is sensitive. As the presenters, you have full control over whether your presentation is live streamed, recorded, both, or neither. Therefore, we ask that you please complete the below form as soon as possible. This will allow us to timetable your presentation in the appropriate room.

If you are presenting multiple presentations, you can either complete the form once (enter the titles of all your presentations in the 'Title' box) or, if you have differing consent requirements, come back and complete this form again for each presentation.

Please agree to consent to ALL statements that apply by ticking the boxes (i.e., if you are happy to have your presentation recorded and live streamed, please tick both the boxes).
As mentioned above, if you are presenting more than one presentation, you may include all titles here and provide the same consent for all of them.