Launch of Forensic Interview Trace

The Forensic Interview Trace (FIT™) is a secure, cloud-based application designed to record the structure, content and characteristics of forensic interviews involving victims, witnesses and suspects of crime. FIT™ will assist users, internationally, in the assessment of the efficacy and quality of interviews which may be useful for the criminal justice process, law enforcement agencies, Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), and the private sector. A short FIT Demo video is available which highlights the usability and advantages of using FIT™.

FIT™ was launched at the iIIRG conference 2016 in London and many delegates expressed a keen interest in testing/piloting the initial version of FIT™ within their organisations. If you or your organisation would like to test/pilot FIT™, please contact: or

Expressions of interest must be received no later than the 12th August 2016.

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