Expert Services Directory

North America:

Founder: Dr. Joseph Eastwood

Location: Ontario, Canada


Training Type: In-person, Virtual Synchronous, Virtual Asynchronous

Topics Covered: Suspects, Victim/Witness, Applied Memory, Persuasion, Rapport 

Details: Eastwood Consulting provides investigative interview training and consulting services related to victims, witnesses, and suspects. These services are provided through a unique academic-practitioner relationship between Dr. Eastwood and Detective Paul Mitton. We deliver virtual and in-person seminars/courses and host a fully-online asynchronous “Fundamentals of Evidence-Based Interviewing” course on our website.  

Entry to the directory costs £500 per year or £750 for two years. It does not imply endorsement by iIIRG and companies using this facility cannot use iIIRG logo within their training materials. It is expected that any company using this facility is in agreement with the iIIRG values of ethical, effective investigative interviewing informed and developed from well founded research.