Invitation from the International Association of Applied Psychology

Dear Colleague,

We write from the International Association of Applied Psychology (IAAP), Division 10, Psychology and Law.

We invite you to complete a brief survey that aims to gather information about researchers and practitioners in the area of Psychology and Law. This invitations to complete the survey is sent to several hundred people around the globe, as also to several Psychology and Law associations.

We estimate that the survey will take you no longer than 15 minutes. Follow this link to the Survey: Take the Survey

What we hope to achieve in this survey is multifold:

1) We would like to get a sense of the kind of topics that Psychology and Law researchers, academics and professionals teach, research, offer opinions about, and think are important in their particular context.

2) We would like to create a voluntary international database of researchers and practitioners in Psychology and Law who are interested in collaborating with other researchers and practitioners. This database will contain contact information, and brief information about people in the database. All respondents to this survey who indicate their willingness to collaborate will appear in the database, and will receive access to it, once it is completed. We will summarise the information we gather in a brief report, and this will be made available to all respondents, and to IAAP Division 10 members

We do hope you will complete the survey, and look forward to communicating the results to you in due course. We want to make a special appeal to you, though – when you receive the link to the survey, we would appreciate you sending the link on to Psychology and Law people from countries we are less likely to have good information on regarding potential respondents (e.g. non-English speaking countries that are not in North America, Western Europe, or Australasia).

Fanny Verkampt, and Colin Tredoux; IAAP Division 10: Psychology and Law

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