Lectureship Opportunity!

The Psychology Department at Goldsmiths University of London is looking to appoint a lecturer (full time, permanent) who can complement existing research strengths in the Forensic Psychology Research Unit, as well as teaching on the newly launched MSc Forensic Psychology.

Here’s a link to the advert – http://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/AUE261/lecturer-in-psychology/

A bit about Goldsmiths, we’re a highly research active Department, and very friendly and supportive, which makes it a lovely place to work. We have a number of research ‘units’, one of which is the newly established Forensic Psychology Unit, of which we have a growing number of external members including Beth Loftus and Itiel Dror.

Current research projects and areas of expertise include (in part) evidence-based investigative interviewing techniques with witnesses and suspects, including reluctant witnesses and mentally disordered witnesses; suggestibility of memory; false memories; detecting deception; working with offenders; personality disorders among serious offenders; super recognisers; and more.

Local active research groups in the area include the South East Eyewitness Network (SEEN), Skeptics in the pub, the British False Memory Society (BFMS), and the brilliantly named Talking about Research in Memory and Cognition (TARMAC). We all meet on a fairly regular basis.

We have great relationships with the Police, the College of Policing, and local prisons and secure units, allowing opportunities for academic/practitioner collaborations.

You can see what the Department looks like here – http://www.gold.ac.uk/pg/msc-forensic-psychology/ (filmed a few years prior to the MSc, so there’s no mention on forensic psychology in the video). Finally, we’re based in London! Which is amazing …but pricey.

Feel free to ask me any questions (f.gabbert@gold.ac.uk)

Many thanks.
All best

Fiona Gabbert
Professor of Applied Psychology
Director of Goldsmiths’ Forensic Psychology Unit
Goldsmiths University of London
New Cross, SE14 6NW

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