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Membership of the iIIRG is open to all professionals that are interested in investigative interviewing and can contribute to this complex and intriguing area of research.

Members of iIIRG enjoy the exclusive membership benefits below.


*Only available to PhD researchers and practitioners.  Successful applicants will be expected to present an oral paper at the Annual Conference for which they applied.


Full Members

Academic & Practitioner

– £45 per year membership

– £81 per two year membership

Student Members

Academic & Practitioner

– £23 per year membership

– £36 per two year membership

Organizational Memberships

If your organisation would like to discuss iIIRG membership , please contact us here.



As investigators, we need to view academics as colleagues, helping develop new investigative strategies and proposals, and academics need to understand the limitations placed on investigators and attempt to liaise with them in a more accessible way. There is still often a gap between theory and practice, but an organisation like the iIIRG goes a long way to building a bridge and that can only be to everyone’s advantage.veryone’s advantage.
Mick King
Lecturer in Criminology,
University of Derby, UK
Being a member of the iIIRG from the very beginning in 2007 has helped me to meet a vast number of amazing researchers and practitioners from around the globe. Although the focus of the group is very specific – investigative interviewing – the variety of research projects conducted by its members is amazing and I always look forward to hearing about the excellent and cutting-edge work at the annual conferences.
Dr. Sonja Brubacher
College of Humanities & Social and Behavioral Sciences Central Michigan University

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