Special Issue of Investigative Interviewing: Research and Practice

Call for Papers

Special Issue of Investigative Interviewing: Research and Practice

“The Science and Practice of Intelligence Interviewing”

Guest Editors:

Steven Kleinman (Operational Sciences International)

Michael J. Williams (University of Nevada, Reno)

Many great strides in research related to investigative interviewing have focused on addressing two critical issues: 1) shortfalls in investigative interviewing methodologies (e.g., false confession research), or 2) principles and strategies to assess sources’ credibility (e.g., deception detection). 

While the aforementioned research areas have been invaluable in answering key questions that shape practices of intelligence interviewing, this special issue will focus on research and evidence-based practices that relate directly to fundamental questions of how to expand and enhance the flow of accurate, timely, and comprehensive information from human sources.

This special issue welcomes:

  •       Empirical research articles
  •       Theoretical articles
  •       Position papers
  •       Exploratory research
  •       Discussion papers

Investigative Interviewing: Research and Practice is indexed by EBSCOhost™ databases; so, all pieces published in this issue will be properly indexed, affording thorough exposure of those works through this search engine.

Submission deadline

Proposals are sought until April 14th, 2014.  Pieces appropriate to the scope of this issue will receive full consideration and double-blind peer-reviews.  Accepted manuscripts will appear in this special issue, published later this year.

How to Submit

Submission instructions, and a free preview copy of the journal, are available here

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