10th Annual Conference 2017

Here you will find a selection of presentations presented at the iIIRG Annual Conference 2017, at Portola Hotel and Spa, Monterey, CA.  Please note that iIIRG accepts no responsibility for the content of the presentations Рthe presentations were written by individuals (or groups) and reflect their own individual viewpoints and arguments and are not the express views of the iIIRG.

Conference 2017 Programme


Chris Kelly




Confrey Assisting Offenders

Confrey Reluctant Witnesses

Gabbert, Hope, La Rooy, McGregor, Milne, Ellis, & Oxburgh

Gabbert, Hope, Oxburgh, Wright, La Rooy, Wheeler, McGregor, Farrugia, Caso, & Nardi

Goodman-Delahunty, Martschuk, Powell, & Westera

Hagsand, Evans, Schreiber Compo, Rodriguez, & Dominguez

Hirama, Yokota, Wachi, Otsuka, & Watanabe

MacLean, Hope & Gabbert

Palu & Kask

Payoux & Verrier

Taylor, Dando, Gibbs, & Jagielka

Tkacukova, Gee, Gabbert, Wright, & Hope

Waterhouse, Ridley, Bull, & Wilcock


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