8th Annual Conference 2015

Here you will find a selection of presentations presented at the iIIRG Annual Conference 2015, at the Deakin Management Centre, Australia.  Please note that iIIRG accepts no responsibility for the content of the presentations Рthe presentations were written by individuals (or groups) and reflect their own individual viewpoints and arguments and are not the express views of the iIIRG.

Masterclass 2015 Programme

Programme Day One

Programme Day Two

Programme Day Three

Keynote Talk



Castelfranc-Allen & Hope

Danby, Brubacher, Sharman & Powell

Dion & Cyr

Garcia & Castro

Hamilton, Brubacher, & Powell

Kebbell, Westera, & Brown

Lahtinen, Korkman, Laitila & Juusola


Nevarro, Mettifogo, Antivilo, Veliz, & Garcia


Pompedda, Zappala & Santtila

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